Wellness Japan
contributes to total healthcare for all of its customers.


As a member of the Wellness Group, Wellness Japan continues to handle diverse products
to support the health and well-being of all of its customers.
As a top vendor of health and beauty, we continue to build a highly advanced information network
for the supply of products that respond to diverse lifestyles and relevant needs.
In coming years we will be carrying on with our activities as a vendor company
that supports the health and beauty of consumers.

Greeting from the Representative Director

As a vendor of health and beauty, Wellness Japan captures ever-evolving information on consumer needs with unrivalled speed to provide ideal health and beauty products for diverse customers engaged in health-and-beauty fields, primarily drugstores.
Our motto from our founding as a proposal-maker has been to provide “Whatever is needed, Whenever needed, in Whatever degree or amount,” to better the health, beauty, and businesses of consumers and our customers.
While large-cap manufacturers chiefly distribute their products via large-cap vendors, our superb track record has convinced many manufacturers to share information on their products with Wellness Japan.
By analyzing the information we receive from different vendors, we can quickly select the best of our proposals to channel to interested parties in the field.
By delivering outstanding ideas to the right people, we earn high marks for our ability to provide proposals “more than anyone else,” “faster than anyone else,” and “more reliably than anyone else.”
To succeed in an increasingly competitive health-and-beauty market, we aim to evolve as a vendor more useful to consumers, customers, and manufacturers than ever before by refining the information-collection and proposal-making abilities we have nurtured over many years.
We will continue to provide value to customers and manufacturers as a vendor that supports health and beauty in coordination with the companies of the Wellness Group.Naritoshi Hayashida, President and Representative Director

Company name Wellness Japan Co., Ltd.
Establishment date January 2000 (Year of Heisei 12)
Address 3763 Mikajiri, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Capital 10 million yen

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