Wellness Japan has been devoted to providing a variety of products that support healthy
life to all our customers and wish to bringing beauty into you and the world

Our mission: to promise the enjoyment of healthy,
abundant lifestyles to customers from all walks of life.

Our Policy

Wellness Japan Group has been delivering various products to support the healthy lives of customers from all walks of life for many years.
Wellness Life Sciences heads the research and development functions at the core of the corporate group.
Our researchers begin by searching for qualities that characterize a healthy society and ideal living.
They then use their findings to develop products that realize those qualities based on reliable, knowledge-based evidence in the life sciences.
We consider “life” in its various meanings, cycling between scientific and design-centric viewpoints with the goal of creating products that bring health and abundance to people living a diverse range of lifestyles.

Designing healthy and abundant life Distributing products and disseminating information In diversified society Gaining understanding on needs of customers

Individuality of Wellness Life Sciences

Shaped by individual perspectives and
responsive to broad-ranging lifestyles.

Wellness Life Sciences

Wellness Life Sciences

The two perspectives behind our research and development

Wellness Life Sciences

People have more fun today than yesterday and belive
that tomorrow and the future will be more bright.

We would love to design such lifestyles for every single person by providing our products.

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