Business introduction


Lifestyle Design Company

The wellness group "wants to contribute to the total lifestyle of all people"
With this in mind, we design a healthy and beautiful lifestyle,
I have delivered.

In 2015, we established a new business promotion system in order to achieve this even more powerfully.

Covering everything from manufacturers to distribution and overseas expansion,
In order to be able to design a total solution up to the proposal,
Synergies as a group will be demonstrated by the six companies organically promoting their businesses.

Wellness Group as a lifestyle design company
A healthy, prosperous and diverse life for each and every person
Products for you to enjoy from the bottom of your heart,
We will continue to design services and spaces.

01 Vendor
02 Health Beauty
03 Web Commerce
04 Overseas
05 Construction
wholesale business

We offer all kinds of products that support health and beauty. We work with manufacturers in Japan and overseas to sell products that meet the needs of our customers. We deliver high-quality information through the Wellness Group's information network. A top vendor in the field of health and beauty that proposes and verifies trends, technologies, sales strategies and promotions as a "complete proposal verification type vendor".

online business

A variety of Wellness Group products are available on our own website and major online shopping sites (Rakuten, Yahoo!, Amazon). By pursuing the potential of e-commerce, we can provide products that customers want 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that they can enjoy a healthy, rich, and diverse life. Supporting the realization of a richer and more enjoyable future.

Construction business

We deal with airport facilities, office buildings, electrical, interior, and communication equipment for plants, and also propose and design solar power generation projects. We also handle hospital-related construction. In addition, we have developed a wide range of solution businesses, from EV charging equipment, office renovation, emergency response products to real estate and land management, to meet the needs of various industries.

business fields

Manufacturer business

We are in charge of everything from planning to sales, advertising strategy, distribution, and export of products related to lifestyles such as health and beauty, and provide them globally. We also support OEM/ODM production. We also manufacture original products such as health food, skin care, cosmetics, hair care, beauty goods, etc., and make proposals according to customer needs from raw materials to packaging and promotional materials.

Foreign operation

Making full use of our own domestic and overseas networks and information gathering capabilities, we carefully select and develop highly competitive overseas items. We introduce overseas brands that have not yet been introduced into the domestic market, and support the overseas expansion of domestic brands. With specialized know-how on import regulations and procedures in each country, we plan and implement optimal product import/export strategies that respond to domestic and international demand and market trends.